STEELDESIGNStainless steel housing to size
Stainless steel housing to size
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Stainless steel housing to size
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Our Experience in Stainless Steel Housing Construction - Quality That Builds Trust

For 20 years, we have been producing stianless steel housings for many different industries and areas of application. From small and medium-sized companies to large groups.

From wall housings, terminal boxes and control cabinets as standard solution to individual forms and equipment features that have never been built like this before. This is our principle. We built "almost" anything for you!

You can download an excerpt of our references here » 

Reference List

  • Areva
    Power plant construction
  • Meurer
    Packaging machines
  • MH Wirth
    Oil platform equipper
  • Munk
    Control PLants
  • Bahlsen
    Food and semiluxury food
  • Maximator
    High-pressure and test technology
  • Bartec 
    EX protection
  • Niehues
    Hydraulics & Automation
  • Bayer 
    Pharmaceutical plants
  • Pepperl & Fuchs   
    Control technology
  • Berthold Technologies
    Analysis technology
  • Recop Getränke
    Bottling industry
  • Actemium Cegelec 
    Large system construction   
  • Rügenwalder Mühle  
  • Gecma / Cooper   
    DE-systems for the process industry
  • Siemens
    Plant construction, automation technology
  • Gönnheimer
    EX-(explosion protected) measuring and control devices
  • Stockmeyer
  • Liebherr 
    Crane and construction
  • Turck     
    Automation technology
  • Meica
  • Voith  Paper             
    Paper machines
  • Mettler-Toledo   
    High-precision scale producer