STEELDESIGNStainless steel housing to size
Stainless steel housing to size
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Stainless steel housing to size
Hotline: +49 2241 2646-0
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 Certified Quality Warranted

We often take different paths to achieve best performance for your housings not only in construction.
This makes STEELDESIGN stainless steel housings unique.





STEELDESIGN Stainless Steel Housings

  • extremely stable
  • hand-made
  • hand-polished
  • blasted and reworked on the inside as well
  • produced with tested materials only
  • produced with highly tight welding seams
  • equipped with highest IP protection
  • just better than outer housings by innovative and patented technology

STEELDESIGN Stainless Steel Housings:

  • reviewed in each work step
  • produced individually and according to customer-specific requirement
  • produced with love to detail
  • built as single piece or in serial production
  • each and every piece is unique 


Safety in the Production Process

As an owner-managed company, we maintain a culture of short paths. Therefore, we can react and implement product and quality requirements quickly. This ensures that each and every housing complies with the same high standards that make STEELDESIGN housings better.
We only go to this effort to ensure your safety.

  • Definition of the product requirements
  • Technical initial inspection by offer processing
  • Detailed inspection by the construction department
  • Handover to production
  • Each and every piece is unique, even in serial production

This applies from the first laser cut to packaging of the housings.
High inspection density for safety in performance

  • All work steps are traceable, each product has its history according to DIN 9001
  • All products are documented in their production process
  • All products have a "number"
  • Each product has a "family tree" and can be traced uniquely
  • a dedicated QM system with a dedicated QM employee ensures that all quality criteria are complied with
  • regular maintenance, e.g. of the laser centre, technical inspections and employee further training form the basis for smooth production processes

Industry Specialists and Stainless Steel Pros

Building outstanding stainless steel housings in all forms is our passion. Our long experience and great competence in stainless steel construction pay off particularly when things become complicated. We are proud of this. We consider ourselves a housing manufacture.

Every single housing needs to meet our high claims. On oil platforms or in the desert, in medical technology or in sensitive areas: STEELDESIGN housings resist all requirements. We offer the right stainless steel housing for every industry and every use.